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  • Fully coded Tailwind components (React JSX)
  • Figma UI Kit
  • Unlimited Developers *
  • Unlimited Projects



  • Fully coded Tailwind components (React JSX)
  • 1 developer *
  • 3 projects

What people say


What's the difference between the licenses?

The Hobby license is meant for an individual developer (solo dev, founder, indie hacker, etc...) I seek to make it more affordable for the individual. The Company license is for... well... companies.

Can I customize the themes?

Yes! The sky is the limit here. By tweaking core components such as colors, fonts, font sizes, gradients and button colors, you can create new, fresh layouts very quickly!

Is there an HTML version?

Yes. The Tailwind CSS version is already coded for you (original theme, light mode). All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML and configure one file with your colors (chosen for you to start with, but you can customize it to anything you like).

Does this include mobile and tablet blocks?

Most themes have the mobile blocks, but some blocks may be missing from the desktop version. The purpose of mobile blocks is just to give you an idea of what something should look like. Once you spot check a few blocks, the rest should already work (without a reference). I do not currently have tablet blocks as that would take a lot of time.

Can I use this for client work?

Absolutely! The only thing you are not allowed to do is to re-sell SaaS blocks as is, but otherwise you are welcome to use it for clients as a freelancer or agency. No additional licenses needed!

Do you plan on making this into WordPress?

Yes! I will have an Elementor and a Gutenberg versions available later (no ETA yet). You may also find it for other platforms and frameworks such as Webflow or Bootstrap.